Learn iOS with these resources

In this article, I share a list of recommended resources that have helped me learn iOS development. 

Before starting with the following resources you should have knowledge of computer science fundamentals. I also had knowledge of Java before starting, which definitely helped. My recommendations can be found in Learn how to code with these resources and Learn Java with these resources.

Intro to iOS Development with Swift (Udacity, 2016)
Online Course

This is a fun course for anyone getting started with iOS development. The steps for the final project are also mapped out for you. However, I would recommend trying the project on your own first and figuring out where the gaps are in your knowledge. Udacity says prior programming experience is required (see recommendations, above). The course took me about 10 hours to complete.

UIKit Fundamentals (Udacity, 2016)
Online Course

UIKit Fundamentals is a great course for learning about the iOS Interface Library and also follows on from “Intro to iOS Development with Swift”. I really liked how there are many different small projects, which were used to consolidate the concepts taught in the course. However, not everything is revealed, as some additional study outside of the course is necessary to complete the final project.

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources that have been recommended to me:


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